What is ProfitRx?

ProfitRx is a 14 module business development program that will teach you how to launch or expand, and run, your own successful business. It will answer all of your questions, even the ones you don’t know you have. When you have finished the program you will have a bank-ready business plan along with a 2-year sales forecast for your business.

Nicole Clark of KISStrategies for Business is a big reason we have a successful business. We highly recommend you contact her if you are planning to start a business.

Jonathan Cote

Owner, Craft Corner Kitchen

If you are launching a new small business or looking to grow your customer base, Nicole is the person you need to see for success. I took her courses and learned so much that I was easily able to adapt into my media and marketing work. I couldn’t recommend Nicole enough.

Monique Tamminga

Business Owner

 ProfitRx Value Package Includes:

  • 14 Video Modules
  • ProfitRx Workbook
  • ProfitRx Business Plan Module
  • ProfitRx Financial Forecasting Model
  • Additional module-specific resources
  • Membership in our private Facebook Group
  • Weekly ‘Office Hours’ call to answer questions and receive peer input
  • All of your questions answered even the ones you don’t know you have
  • 1-hour final business plan review

Really want to move your business forward? Check out our ProfitRx Value Plus and Premium Packages.

Learn how to validate your business idea by using research. Conduct industry, competitive, market and customer analysis. Determine who your customer really is and what value they are looking for from you.

Learn how to create branding and messaging that will meet your customer wherever they are in the Buyer’s Journey. This includes the awareness, consideration, and decision stages. Then, learn how to turn them into raving fans. 

Learn the basics about the resources you need in your business including financial, human and physical. Decide on what your organizational structure will be, what regulations affect your business and create an operating plan to move forward.

Learn the money side of business. We walk you through determining your start-up costs and ongoing cost structure. Learn how to forecast your first two years of sales, the importance of cash flow and break-even analysis. Finally learn how to present to a lender or investor.

Nicole Clark is a wealth of knowledge on starting your business. Having been there herself gives much credibility to everything she teaches. For me, the whole prospect was daunting at best and participating in her program was extremely valuable. The program she teaches demystifies the process so there are no surprises and you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. That gave me more confidence to move forward and helped me deal with the uncertainty.

Alandra Shaffer, Penticton, BC

Owner, New Energy Bowen Therapy


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If you own a small business, then you know how challenging it is to get things done. You wear many hats - Manager, bookkeeper, marketer, social media engager, buyer, inventory control, hiring, firing, completing performance reviews, preparing budgets - and the list goes on and on and on. What happened to following your passion, sharing your gifts with the world? How on earth are you ever to find the time to do all this and at the same time juggle family commitments and self-care? My name is Nicole Clark and I have been training and guiding entrepreneurs in British Columbia for over 30 years. If you implement the lessons in this book, I feel certain you will reclaim your day, leading to less stress and overwhelm, better personal relationships, increased numbers of clients and therefore sales.

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