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Plan – Perform – Profit

KISStrategies simplifies the entrepreneurial journey by offering simple business strategies for Canadians who want to start or grow their small business.

The owner, Nicole Clark, has been providing solutions to small business owners for over 30 years through assistance with business plans, financial forecasting, marketing, and other business strategies and solutions as they launch or grow their business. 

business strategies, start my own businessMany small business owners jump in with both feet knowing they are experts in their field. There is no doubt about their ability to provide their service or produce their product.

Often these small business owners find rapid success and aren’t sure how to keep up with demand while keeping everything else organized and flowing.

Alternatively, they are surprised that they are now required to wear many hats. They are the Financial Manager, Bookkeeper, Marketing Manager, Production Manager and Human Resource Manager. They ask “where am I supposed to find the time to do all this?”

And the ones that break our heart, entrepreneurs who grow too rapidly without proper business strategies in place. Too often this results in a business that shuts down due to a massive cash crunch.

We provide simple business strategies to help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey. Better yet, we take you through a business planning process before you start your business so that as a business owner you have a solid foundation to work from.

If you want to move from “I have a great business idea” to “Open for Business!” you are in the right place.

Find out more about us here.

Check out our newly launched online business development program, ProfitRx, if you want to launch or grow your business. It takes you step-by-step through the process and answers all your questions, even the ones you don’t know you have.

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